Our Mission

     We believe in all living thing's right to a healthy life. We believe that mother nature has provided us with many natural things to nurture a healthy life. We strive to help our fellow man achieve a healthy life style. Our community is our family. 

    Since January 2015, we have provided our community with the cannabis products they need. We have stood continuously in the ongoing fight for both medical and recreational legalization.

    Beginning January 1st 2018 we opened our doors to the public 21 years of age and above for recreational and 18 years of age for medical (provided the patient possesses a valid cannabis recommendation compliant with California Cannabis Regulations).


This is the best. Awesome selection, the staff is very knowledgeable always friendly customer service seems top priority, professional atmosphere.
— Jo Ga, Google Review

What We've Achieved

  • 2015 Opening of Modesto Location

  • 2017 Transitioned to Medical & Rec Use

  • 2018 Opening of Patterson Location

  • 2018 Opening of Oakdale Location

  • 2019 Opening of Modeso McHenry Location